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Lepidolite Mini Heart

Lepidolite Mini Heart

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Petite treasures imbued with the calming and balancing essence of Lepidolite.

Crystal Properties:

  • Crafted from genuine Lepidolite, these mini hearts boast subtle shades of purple and delicate mica patterns
  • Known for its serene influence, Lepidolite encourages emotional equilibrium and alleviates stress
  • Each mini heart is a unique embodiment of Lepidolite's tranquil energy, offering a pocket-sized sanctuary
  • Comes securely nestled in a gift box - ready for gifting or a delightful treat for yourself
  • Accompanied by a description card, providing fascinating insights into the crystal

Indulge in the tranquil vibes of our lepidolite mini hearts. Whether ticked in your pocket, held during moments of reflection, or shared as a thoughtful token, these mini hearts are a subtle reminder to find peace within life's ebbs and flows.

This crystal is part of our Heart & Soul Collection, why not check out the rest of the collection?

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