Ethical & Sustainability Statement

Ethical Crystal Suppliers
All of our suppliers have been selected for their reliability and trustworthiness
We use 3 main family run suppliers in the UK who we trust to run their businesses ethically and pay their staff fairly
These Suppliers are our middle men who work with mining communities around the world to obtain the very best crystals
They visit the factories and mines and get to know the workers and their families

The crystal trade is generally artisanal which means that by purchasing from an ethical business you are assured that money is going to communities and not big business

The vast majority of our crystals are purchased through uncapitalized individuals who extract crystals as their sole source of income, often in areas where no other sources of income are available

crystals and minerals are carefully mined by hand, therefore retaining their value

Most mining is for bulk stone and minerals, where they are pulped in hundreds of thousands of tonnes for commercial use.

This type of crystal and mineral extraction is not representative of our suppliers businesses

Both ourselves and our suppliers have the utmost respect for the environment and the need to protect it
We collectively take every effort to minimise our impact on the environment

We are always looking for ways we can reduce our impact on the earth with our packaging
That is why we reuse packaging we receive with deliveries where we can, all of our delivery packaging is 100% recyclable
The tissue paper we use is made from recycled paper

We currently use cotton bags for some of our products, we encourage our customers to reuse or repurpose these.
They can be used to continue to store your crystals or repurpose them into scented sacks for cupboards and drawers by adding lavender to them
We're working on replacing our current cotton bags with a much better fair trade option

At events we try to encourage customers to bring their own reusable bag but we do provide paper bags that are made from recycled paper and encourage our customers to recycle these when they are finished using them

We try to review our packaging as often as we can and try to make changes to better improve our sustainability as a business and reduce our impact on the planet

Planting Trees & Supporting CO2 Projects
We subscribe to Ecologi on a monthly basis to plant trees on our behalf around the world (and the UK)
One tree is planted for every order that is placed on our website
Our monthly subscription also funds projects around the world that are climate change focused

A few of the projects we have contributed to are:
Protection of the Mataven forest in eastern Columbia
Distributing cleaner cookstoves in Kenya
Rainforest protection in central Brazil
Generating renewable solar electricity in Egypt
*and many other projects

We're committed to supporting projects and planting trees to reduce our impact on the planet

You can view our forest and progress here:

We review this statement quarterly and make changes or improvements where we can