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Dagger and Pearl

Large Quartz Geode

Large Quartz Geode

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A captivating piece of nature's artwork, revealing the mesmerizing beauty and potent energy of a Quartz Geode.

Crystal Properties:

  • Quartz Geode, showcasing the unique and intricate crystalline patterns within
  • Amplifies positive energy and balances the surrounding space
  • Acts as a natural energy purifier, cleansing and revitalising your environment
  • Accompanied by a description card, providing fascinating insights into the captivating world of Green Moonstone

Embrace the powerful energy and exquisite beauty of our Quartz Geode. It's a testament to the wonders on nature, offering a stunning display of quartz crystals within a geode formation. Whether placed on your altar, used in meditation, or simply admired for its natural allure, this Quartz Geode is a wonderful addition to your crystal collection.

This crystal is part of our Heart & Soul Collection, why not check out the rest of the collection?

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