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Dagger and Pearl

Green Calcite Thumbstone

Green Calcite Thumbstone

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A polished and tactile crystal companion ready to infuse your moments with the revitalising and heart-centred energy of Green Calcite.

Crystal Properties:

  • Crafted from genuine Green Calcite, each thumbstone displays the fresh vibrant green hues characteristic of this crystal
  • Celebrated for its ability to promote emotional balance, rejuvenation, and a connection to nature
  • The thumbstone shape allows for a comforting grip, making it an ideal tool for moments of meditation and centring
  • Comes securely nestled in a gift bag - ready for gifting or a delightful treat for yourself
  • Accompanied by a description card, providing fascinating insights into the crystal

Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating vibes of our Green Calcite Thumbstone. Whether held during meditation, carried in your pocket, or used as a reminder to stay grounded, this thumbstone becomes a personal conduit for the refreshing energy of Green Calcite. Let it guide you towards emotional renewal and a harmonious connection with the natural world.

This crystal is part of our Heart & Soul Collection, why not check out the rest of the collection?

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