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Dagger and Pearl

Desert Rose Cluster

Desert Rose Cluster

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A unique crystal selected for its extraordinary properties that bring luck, prosperity, positivity, and motivation into your life.

Crystal Properties:

  • Desert Rose is celebrated for its luck-bringing qualities, serving as a charming talisman for good fortune
  • Harness the energy of Desert Rose to promote prosperity in business endeavours, fostering growth and success
  • Desert Rose works to fortify relationships, promoting understanding and harmony in both personal and professional connections
  • Experience a surge in motivation as Desert Rose ignites your drive to achieve goals, pushing you towards success with determination
  • Comes securely nestled in a gift box - ready for gifting or a delightful treat for yourself
  • Accompanied by a description card, providing fascinating insights into the crystal

Desert Rose is a symbol of good fortune, prosperity, positivity, strengthened relationships, and unwavering motivation on your journey to success.

This crystal is part of our Heart & Soul Collection, why not check out the rest of the collection?

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